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Bulk Information for Sale

We have bulk information for sale. The price is usually no more than one half of our competitors. Please contact admin@metalpass.com for price information.

  • About 4000 flow stress models, for steel and other metals.

  • Management contact information (email address, phone, address, URL, etc.) for nearly 1500 steel mills worldwide. Sorry for junk mail distributors, you are not qualified buyers.

  • All email addresses and phone numbers, etc. for most listings in the Metal Directory of metalpass.com, totally about 30,000 listings. Not to be sold to junk mail distributors.

  • All data listed in the Databank section of metalpass.com are also available for bulk sales.

  • About 180 domain names available for bulk sales.

  • We have rich collections on technical and business data from countries such as Germany, USA, China and Japan. If you need anything, check with us, and we may have it.

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Technical Data

Free Business Data

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