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About Metal Pass

Metal Pass consists of a team of steel mill experts, especially mill model and automation software focused. Metal Pass' business areas and three-stage strategy are encoded in its company logo: Resource, Solution and E-Biz. Current status is stage 2, with the primary focuses on (1) Mill Level 2 model supply & Improvement; (2) Roll pass software & Mill software design; and (3) Mill technology supply & Mill improvement.

Resource. Metal Pass Resource provides over 40,000 pages of resources. Besides technical articles, there are a long list of resource applications, which are all the largest of the types in the metal industry. They include Metal Directory, Software Directory, Metal Dictionary - Tech Terms, Metal Dictionary - Translation, Flow Stress, High Temperature Properties, etc. Our site metalpass.com is so popular, that the Google search engine places it as the No. 1 for several dozens of keywords (see a rank survey).

Solution. Metal Pass Solution fully utilizes our expertise on rolling mill model to provide both Mill Software and Mill Consulting services. For Mill Software, we design, develop and improve mill Level 2 and Level 3 automation systems and roll pass related software. Our work includes Level 2 model improvement, Level 2 system design, and Level 3. There are several suites of roll pass applications hosted on this site, such as those for AutoForm series, FreeForm series, mill load calculation, finite-differential temperature prediction. Metal Pass Consulting covers all the business areas mentioned above with special attention paid on mill Level 2 model improvement and roll pass. As example, we selected some mill improvement projects completed in recent years. Recent focus is on the integration of metallurgical models (e.g. on physical metallurgy and on steel product development) into the Level 2 model, to enable steel mills to produce high grades ( API X80-X120, high-speed train steels, etc.) and to improve and predict rolled steel properties.

E-Biz. As one of the largest websites in the metal industry, metalpass.com is actively engaging metal technological E-Business. It also includes marketing suites such as Product Profile, R&D/Tech Profile and Classified Listing. As a very special effort, we are building an E-Biz empire with a core site surrounded by about 200 satellite sites by utilizing over 200 metal-related domain names we own.

Our mission is, by combining strengths of Europe, America and Asia, etc., to provide the best resources and services and to deliver the most advanced technologies.

Some of our experts have e.g. multi-country experience with Ph.D. (BAF, Germany) and 20 years of mill modeling experience, others include e.g. one with 30 years of steel mill experience after Ph.D. (MIT, USA) and one worked as vice president of the world's top-3 engineering company (US operation). The Father of Micro-Alloy, who has set up related industry standards for USA (and now also for China and India), serves as Advisor for our team.

See Metal Pass Teams Profile for automation system development and steel mill product model development, etc.

Contact Us

You are welcome to contact our system administrator at admin@metalpass.com. For phone assistance, you may call (503) 616 9625.


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