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Metal Pass Teams Profile

In providing technological solutions to the steel industry, three teams in Metal Pass are introduced in this section, as showed below. Selected key personnel in each team is outlined, particularly international experts. Past project references, e.g. on mill automation, are showed in the Tech Supply section of this site.

Mill Automation Team

B.L.: Steel mill Level 2/Level 3 automation systems expert; steel mill modeling expert, with B.S. M.S. and Ph.D. (Germany, 1995) all on steel rolling. Over 10 years steel mill software engineering experience with 30 computer classes finished during the work as mill software engineer. A long list of mill Level 2 and other mill model/software projects completed, with 20 related papers published in the recent 3 years.

F.B.: Over 30 years steel mill experience with expertise in a wide range of areas, particularly in the model development and automation/electrical and mechanical systems. Vice President of the world's top-3 largest technology company (US operation).

Y.X.: Over 15 years of Level 2 development and other related technology development; Senior developer in the R&D center of the largest steel company. Also hold MBA and various industry licenses.

J.F.E.: Worked as Engineering Manager of I&S Meltshop Automation - Level 1, in the Siemens Energy and Automation from 2007 to 2010, and worked in VAI Automation from 1998 to 2007, changed position from project Engineer to Engineering General Manager. Managed projects for Nucor Steel Hickman, North American Stainless, Roanoke Steel and SSAB, etc. B.S. in Electronics and Electrical Engineering in 1997.

J.S.: Assumed Industrial IT Automation Manager position for over 10 years, primarily in MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and Level 2 Automation. Received B.S. of Electronics
Engineering in 1996. Used to be responsible for VAI Level 2 and in charge of 35 engineers.
Managed and developed nearly 30 projects on Level 2 and related automation, for customers such as AK Steel, North American Stainless, Dofasco Canada and others worldwide.

M.L.M.: IT developer, IT project engineer, IT project leader for former VAI, Simens VAI and Simens SA, for over 10 years. Strong background leading IT projects, International expertise in commissioning MES and IT projects, and Extensive technical acknowledge in IT Programming.

O.C.A.: Electronic Engineer (1994), Electronic Technician (1988). Worked as developer, project Leader, Project Manager, Managing Director for mainly AVI Automation (including former company acquired by VAI). Extensive technical acknowledge in electrical engineering and automation programming. International expertise in general management of electrical engineering and automation services companies.

R.DC.: Electronics Engineering (1995), Bachelor in Information Systems (1997). Five years as Project Manager / Project Leader, including on site leadership; twelve years of hands-on experience in computer and process automation system; mainly for VAI Automation and Siemens SA. Experienced in programming and development for Level 1 systems for meltshop, furnaces, and shapes rolling mill.

S.A.E.: Technical information system (2001). Strong background in computer science and software system development.

N.L.: Systems Engineer, Programmer. Two years of experience in projects of IT for the steel industry. Semi-senior programmer with experience in desktop, web and mobile applications.
Experience in building HMI with Archestra for steel industry.

Steel Mill New Product/Process Models Development Team

Technical strengths and past experiences of each team member are described below.

M.G.: Advisor for Metal Pass mill product model development; Known as "Father of Micro-Alloy", who has set up related industry standards for USA (and now also for China and India). Director of Microalloy Steel Institute, with over a hundred publications on microalloy steel development.

A.R.: Development Partner. Prof. Dept. Head of Carnegie Mellon University. Served as director of a U.S. National Labortory. Primary strengths exist in the metal properties modeling and microstructure prediction, etc.

B.L.: Developed an entire set mill models; expert on steel mill Level 2 model and pioneer in developing next-generation Level 2 system with metallurgical principle integrated into the Level 2. Primary strengths of mill product development exist in the comprehensive and accurate basic models and online learning models through integration with automation systems. Ph.D. from Germany. See Profile.

J.N.: Managed a research team of 60 in a large steel company. Ph.D. of MIT in early 70s. Over 30 years mill experience. See Profile.

F.B.: VP of US operation of the world's top-3 largest steel technology company. Managed a great number of steel mill projects worldwide; strength in mill model development.

J.L.: Worked as China representative for Morgan for 10 years; Ph.D. from USA on computer modeling; B.S. and M.S. on steel rolling. Over 10 years work experience in North America.

W.S.: Over 10 years work experience in USA after Ph.D. on Electronics/Automation (Colorado School of Mine); B.S. and M.S. on Material Science (Tsinghua, China).

H.F.: Statics Expert; Professor of a US university with success in applying statistics models in various industrial development.

P.F.: Pioneer in developing statistics optimization tool to minimize testing options for the China's atom bomb project.

China Development Team

The establishment of Metal Pass China development team is in the final stage after years of preparation including site selection, funding and team member recruiting, etc. There would be 12-14 experts, particularly on the mill Level 2 model development and software programming. The China team will maintain close cooperation with other teams of Metal Pass to guarantee its technology competitiveness in this field.

In addition, Metal Pass has a team for continuous development in the website metalpass.com, for example, the Metal Pass Job and Recruiting business (http://www.metalpass.com/job), running by experienced recruiter with over 30 years of recruiting career.


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