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Steel Plate/Steckle Mill Level 2

The Steel Plate/Steckle Mill Level 2 was the product of a joint development between Metal Pass and one of its partners, with the technology-intensive functions, such as Level 2 model and data security, etc., developed by Metal Pass. Other functions, such as data collection, data communication between Level 2 and other systems (Level 1 and Level 3, etc.) are developed by Metal Pass partner and fully tested by both parties.

Metal Pass has worked for years in improving existing Level 2 packages such as Tippins Level 2, by enhancing its learning functions, expanding its formula valid range and by introducing metallurgical principles. The success of the Metal Pass' work enables a steel mill to earn millions of dollars more than the original Tippins model. Based on the results of its years of Level 2 improvements, Metal Pass has developed its own Level 2 model, the new-generation Level 2 model. Some work results have been published in about 10 technical papers.

Steel plants with the old-generation Level 2 model, such as the Tippins model or other Level 2 models in the current market, usually need to spend over a million of dollars for model improvement, so that it can reach the same technical level of the Metal Pass Level 2 model.

Three primary features that Metal Pass Level 2 model has, but other Level 2 models in the market lack, are the metallurgical principle, intelligent learning with hybrid solution, and the uninterrupted upgrade. Application of the metallurgical principles in the Level 2 model is one of the most difficult task. However, Metal Pass, with several top consultants of the world in our team, has successfully solved this problem in our special way. The intelligent hybrid learning procedures, with smart combination of our over 100 high-quality empirical models and advanced learning techniques, enable us to place high-level quality warrantee, for example, below 5% force prediction error for the steel plate steckle mill. The uninterrupted upgrade makes it possible for the system under continuously improvement without the need to retire it in the future. Currently, every five to 10 years, the steel mills throw away the old Level 2 systems and buy new ones, and waste millions of dollars and cause interruption to the regular steel mill operations.

The Level 2 system provided by Metal Pass and its partner is Windows-based, in three-tire architecture, with HMIs, Level 2 server (Windows-based) and database server (Oracle or SQL Server or other DBMS). Metal Pass employees, with experience in successfully developing three Windows-based Level 2 systems for US steel industry, also has expertise in data security to guarantee that no data would be lost during rolling mill operations.

High Accuracy of Parameter Prediction Plus Superior Logics for Draft Schedule Calculation

The primary function in a Level 2 model is to calculate high-quality draft schedule for rolling process. A high-quality draft schedule depends on two inseparateable factors: high accuracy of parameter prediction, especially the force prediction, and superior Logics for draft schedule calculation. Prediction of other parameters such as temperature is mainly based on the force prediction.

Metal Pass combines the advanced features of various Level 2 models in the present market, with its Level 2 improvement results achieved in the years of Level 2 model consulting. On this basis it applies its over 100 rolling mill process models developed in the past 20 years. The top quality rolling process models were developed based on large sum of research results completed in the last in both Germany and USA, with millions of dollars spent in creating data sources for the model development.  Those results enable the Metal Pass Level 2 model to predict rolling process parameters with extremely high accuracy.

On the other side, the algorithm of calculating rolling pass draft schedule are also improved significantly, from the technology standard of current Level 2 model in the market. Primary features added into the algorithms are those for improving rolled steel properties, and achieving good product shape while high drafts are applied in selected thicknesses and selected temperature ranges, and so on. For this algorithm improvement alone, a customer of Metal Pass is willing to spend near a million US dollars, and the investment would be paid off with the profits within 1-3 months.

Though the great improvements are made to the existing Level 2 models in the market, all the good features of the Level 2 packages in the market have been retained in the Metal Pass new Level 2 model.

See our company and personnel profiles. Please contact us via email admin@metalpass.com or by phone (001) 503 516 9625 for top quality supplies and services.


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